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Thursday, September 28, 2006

I promised another scooter post-

Or it was a threat, depending on your interest, I suppose. Anyway, this one is good news. You might remember I ordered some new brake pads 2 weeks ago. I also ordered some lighter weight variator roller weights at the same time.

All these Chinese scooters have an automatic, belt-driven transmission controlled by variable width v-belt pulleys. The front set of pulley halves is driven by 6 roller weights that move out under centrifugul force and force the halves closer together, raising the gearing ratio. These roller weights are available in different weights and the transmission's activity is dependent upon having the right weight rollers installed.

Well, all summer, I've had 13 gram weights installed that came with the variator I purchased in the spring. It was the only set of rollers that I had, so I just used them. Those 13 gram rollers really caused the transmission to shift into higher ratios earlier than than than it should. My acceleration from a stop had a flat spot at about 5700 rpm that limited my speed.

So, last weekend, I put in some 10 gram rollers that came from PowerSportsFactory. My scooter is a rocketship now! Before, it would rev up to about 5700 rpm, then flatten out without any more rpm. Now, the engine revs to about 7700 rpm and the transmission's shifting is imperceptable. From 0 to 40, it must be 4-5 seconds faster and my speed on two big hills I climb every day has improved from a maximum of 45 mph to 50 mph.

The scooter is a bunch more fun to ride right now. I haven't fussed or worried about the too-heavy weights all summer, but I sure am glad I finally got it working better. Than 2500 rpm that I haven't used all summer are really appreciated now.

It has been beautiful scooter riding weather, if a little chilly in the morning as I mentioned previously. There's only a few more weeks left before the rains start, then it will be time to put it away for the winter.

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